Adcunia has successfully completed numerous projects and has first-class references. An extract of different project examples is shown in the overview.

MBO Tier One Automotive Supplier

Acquisition of a company with 80 years of family tradition by management due to lack of succession plan. Adcunia accompanied the management exclusively in structuring and financing of the MBO.
Volume € 11 million

Restructuring of a food-producing family company

Due to an extraordinary event a holistic refinancing with debt became necessary. Here, after intensive negotiations, the financing banks were replaced by a European debt funds. Adcunia advised the entrepreneurs in the critical phase with the aim of securing the business assets of the family.
Volume € 22.5 million

Working capital financing for an automotive supplier

About the refinancing of patents and property rights additional capital for R & D and related materiel growth was provided. In addition, a partner in working capital was obtained for the company.
Volume € 5.8 million

International Trading Company

Based on a required by the banking pool IDW S6 report, the corporate finance was independent of banks restructured with alternative capital.
Volume € 25 million

Quoted pharmaceutical company

Consortial structured lease financing of production and filling plant for different antibody concentrates from human plasma.
Volume: € 45 million

Quoted in chemical company exchange

Promissory notes with states guarantees for the expansion of production capacity at the headquarters and the purchase of a new production facility in the new “Länder” (Germany). In addition, an exclusive assignment for the search of targets for inorganic growth in the D/A/CH region.
Volume: € 28 million

Group of companies in the field of ICT

Controlling company, law and financial reorganization of a group of individual companies under the umbrella of an entity. Structuring and financing of MBI with supplementary borrowing (leveraged finance)
Volume: € 14.3 million

Company in the e-Mobility

Growth financing for a producer of electric vehicles for the construction of an exclusive sales and service network in the D/A/CH region.
Volume: NS.

Company in the area Payment & Services

Exclusive revising of the sell-side as transaction advisor.
Volume: NS.

Production companies in the automotive

To ensure the long-term growth strategy, the financing banks have been completely removed and replaced by an international debt fund.
Volume: € 5 million

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